Twitter Empowering Your Small Business

Twitter can be much more than a medium for telling your friends the color of the shirt you are wearing today or the music you are listening too. If leveraged correctly, Twitter can be a very powerful tool in the arsenal of the small business entrepreneur.

The small business entrepreneur is always under pressure to be nimble, exercise creativity and posses the ability relate and effectively compete in a market where there are bigger players with deeper marketing pockets.

Within the least half decade social media like Twitter is leveling the playing field and providing a sort of parity that rewards those that are able to connect, respond and personally engage with the market they serve.Twitter is rapidly becoming a powerful social media tool that can be an effective weapon for the small business owner if wielded correctly.

Set Clear Goals

Before jumping head first into social media it is vital to set clear and attainable marketing goals and checkpoints. One should be considering if the goal at the end of the day to take market share from competitors, introduce or promote a brand, win hearts and wallets via superior customer service and engagement, or maybe a mixture of all three? By having an intimate understanding of your business objectives for Twitter it becomes easier to wield it correctly and accurately measure it effects.

So know that you have an idea on your deliverable, how can you most effectively use twitter?

Building Credibility

On the Internet your credibility is on the line whenever your link comes up in a Google or Bing search. To instill confidence with the consumer it is essential that your their first impression is a stellar impression. By using Twitter effectively you can help build up that credibility around your brand. How so?

Twitter enables you to be engaging with future clients and build possible sells lead. If a client has a question about your product a quick and informative response helps to build that direct relationship. This type of genuine interaction can create a positive image for your business.

In addition to direct engagement, sharing your business acumen with the world in one-hundred forty characters or less can help generate trust, build brand recognition as well as planting the framework for future business. An example could be an owner of automotive repair garage posting a tweet linking to an article on how to quickly gauge tire pressure, or an article on ten things you should check before taking your next trip. These type of informative tweets can help route interested visitors to your site, provide them with usefully information while point generating good vibes for your business.

Twitter also is a good medium to broadcast positive press by twittering articles that link or feature your site. Even if your followers do not click on the link the third-party references helps to build your brand.

Twitter, a Low Cost Solution

Having a great business model is useless if no one knows that your business exist. Advertising can take a large part of a small business budget. After all it cost money to raise awareness and get your product and brand noticed to the masses.

Twitter can help those advertising dollars go farther by complimenting your current adverting campaign. If the business is offering a promotional discount in the local paper take advantage of the synergies and post the special on twitter. If you are providing a meaningful sale opportunity users will sign up with your twitter feed to ensure that they are the first to know and take advantage of such offers in the future.

For example Fred’s Homemade Sandwich Shop could be having a dollar special on the menu to the first one hundred orders in order to promote their new Chicken Sub. If I’m the type of guy that likes to eat good on a budget I would be waiting for a tweet to go out on the special and then forwarded it to all my friends. This type of engagement can really be profitable for both the consumer and the business owner.

Twitter Maintains Relationship

As a small business owner we want to cultivate repeat customers. Twitter helps you stay connected with your loyal fan base. These are the repeat customers that help maintain your revenue stream and add to your overall bottom line . Once some one befriends you on twitter you have a pipeline too them that can be targeted as needed. They may sign up for your dollar-sandwich specials but you will be able to leverage that relationship to cross sell other things that may be of interest. As with any advertising campaign it is important to maintain the proper balance so that your leads do not feel that they are being spammed or targeted with useless electronic information.

Keep Track of the Competition

Just as Twitter can help to get your business out in the forefront it can also be a useful way to monitor your competitive environment and how your competitors are handling their engagement. In near real-time you can watch the ebbs and flows and catch business market trends. My having an understanding of your market you can evaluate what type of promotions seems to work for you business and what falls flat.

As with many types of social media Twitter can be a good way for you to promote and grow your business. In addition it can be a good way to track the ins and out of your business environment. As with any advertising or brand building campaign it is important to have an idea of what you aim to get out of the medium and ensure that you have checkpoints along the way to verify if you strategy is economically viable and on track.