Small Business Help in Salt Lake City

Small Business Help in Salt Lake City

Ever considered opening a small business in Salt Lake City? With the many services and opportunities, one’s dream can soon become a reality.

Why Salt Lake City?

The Wasatch Front is a vibrant community full of life. It is best noted for its seven well known ski resorts, organizations for ballet and opera, and symphony orchestra. Salt Lake City is a clean and environmentally friendly community with numerous parks and a transportation network that surpasses cities of similar size. Its population is great enough to ensure an adequate amount of employees and patrons for any business.

Whether currently running a small business here or wanting to start one, Salt Lake City has ample resources to provide support. Its Small Business Guide makes available numerous mentoring programs that can help an owner determine their greatest skills and talents and guide them through the startup process. Many of these services are free. Best of all, an owner is networked with other entrepreneurs, financing institutions, and numerous other business resources.

 Services Provided for Entrepreneurs

Not sure where to begin? There are multiple organizations that can help develop and market anyone’s ideas. Business professionals can provide guidance with obtaining financing as well as obtaining licensing and permits. Have concerns about zoning? There are assistants to give advice on this topic and many others.

Business leaders, community organizers, and government leaders help provide additional assistance in:

  • Informing of and supporting city policies and ordinances which increase the viability of small businesses.
  • Enabling small businesses to obtain financing from the Revolving Loan Program.
  • Implementing the new Accela software program to clarify and make available planning, permitting and inspection services for small businesses.
  • Improve business growth and opportunities through developing a small business summit.
  • Neighborhood business districts provide business owners help in marketing, demographics, promoting, and organization assistance to small business.

The following is a list of numbers to call for assistance:

Permitting: 801.535.7752

Licensing: 801.535.6644

Zoning: 801.535.7757

Loan Program: 801.535.7122

Business Mentors

There is an organization that can help, the entrepreneur, hook up with an experienced business mentor? The service is called MicroMentor. Now one can develop a one-on-one relationship with a business coach who can give advice about a specific industry as well as how to set up a business.

They currently have approximately 1,200 mentors who have helped 1,400 business owners in attaining a survival rate of 74%, while helping entrepreneurs increase their revenue by 63%. Also, those with over three years experience running a business may volunteer to help as a coach at MicroMentor.