Creative Advertising for a Small Business: Advertise a Start-Up Business with No Money and Lots of Creativity

Creative Advertising for a Small Business

If there is little money in the bank to start and advertise a business, there is hope on the internet. The internet has many free resources and websites that will allow advertising, blogging, and local listings for small businesses. This is a good way to get started without putting out a dime.

The next resource is going local around the community. Fliers can be made up and put around in community areas and shopping centers. They can also be distributed on cars or placed on door knobs. Word of mouth is also something that can be used in the local community for a small business owner. Getting an inexpensive set of business cards and distributing them at the hair salon, next home party, or through a friend can be other local options.

Using the Product to Advertise

Really creative advertising requires a little more effort. Making the product be the business card is a unique idea. For example, if the business is one of creating and selling magnets – the actual magnet can be the business card. Another idea might be to give out free samples or “promotional items” in place of a business card provided the business information or phone number is on the product somewhere.

Creative Use of Space Advertising

Mobile billboard advertising is gaining popularity. This is yet another option for a business. With this method of advertising, the name of the business and what it does is “in motion” on local roads and highways. People in cars can see the advertising whether they want to read it or not. It catches the attention.

Local restaurants and eateries often use their window space for advertising…colorful pizzas, sandwiches, and prices decorate the side of a small restaurant. A popular doughnut shop has painted pictures of their most up and coming menu items. This is creative advertising that not only stands out, but is inviting as well.

Coupons are another great way to advertise and bring in business. Coupons provide the customer the advantage of trying a product at a reduced price and seeing if they like it. Plus, even if it’s not clipped, it still acts as advertising. Coupons can also be passed along and shared.

Once all is said and done with creative advertising, watch the customers roll in. Then a small business owner can start paying for extensive advertising such as personal websites and huge advertisements that cover an entire page of a newspaper or magazine.