Small Business Success Depends on a Strong Network

Small Business Success Depends on a Strong Network

Some small business owners have to be able to go five years without paying themselves a salary. During this time, they might moonlight as bartenders, grocery clerks, or they may hold a 9-5 job while building their business from 5-9.

Among the ways to build a small business from the ground up, one crucial area in making money is having a network in place. This network will include, but not be limited to, friends, family, and colleagues. Regardless of how big one’s network is, and how influential the person within is, there are still other important factors, such as letting people know about the business.

A Small Business Needs Advertising

Some small business owners never make it past selling their wares to those close to them. This happens (or doesn’t happen) because they never make it happen.

 It costs almost nothing for a person to post fliers on telephone poles or to hand out business cards. The former can work very well for people who do handyman type work, such as lawn care, painting, and plumbing. And the latter is a must for anyone in business. After all, with so many people selling the same goods and services, customers are not going to break their necks to call one person over the other if they have one phone number handy while the other is unavailable.

The point is that if no one knows you are in business, then no one can buy from you. For those who do know you’re in business, they won’t refer you if you do not prove to be reliable, and reliability can be seen in consistently well done work, and in one’s ability to make contact.

These small things make the difference between a professional and an amateur.

Expanding a Network for Business Success

When owning a business it is important to expand your network. This can be done through more traditional advertising or by getting involved in the local community.

Getting involved can be as easy as a restaurant owner sponsoring little league teams and giving the kids coupons. This will get new customers in the door while also compelling old customers to come in more often, especially when their kids’ pictures are on the wall.

For those who want to be more involved, joining organizations like the Lions and Rotary Clubs are great ways to meet new people as is getting involved with charities, such as Habitat for Humanity.

The key to business success is having something people want and need. But if only a small group knows that the business is open, everyone else will be forced to take their money elsewhere.